General conditions of sale

  1. The conditions of sale form an integral part of this document, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties. Any derogation of any of these conditions shall not constitute invalidity of the other conditions.
  2. The equipments technical data of performance, quality, quantity, etc. that our company may communicate are intended to be informative. SEA srl reserves the right to make and introduce changes, at any time, without the obligation of notice and the Buyer may not raise any objections and/or be entitled to terminate the contract or claim for any reduction or compensation. SEA srl further reserves the right to stop or cease the production and sale of products without giving prior notice.
  3. ORDERS: All orders must be sent in writing (by post or email). The delivery terms are not essential. In any event, SEA srl shall not be responsible for any delay for which SEA srl is not responsible, such as, without limitation, failure of suppliers, strikes, production stoppages, etc. SEA srl reserves the right to make partial deliveries and to invoice the Buyer for the products delivered.
  4. WARRANTY: Our products have a warranty of 12 months from the date of installation on the vehicle, or of 18 months from invoicing date. The Warranty only applies to SEA srl components. All components of an AC system installed separately from other SEA srl products are not covered by any Warranty. SEA srl conditioners and components are intended exclusively for use relating to air conditioning of vehicles. Any other use or application not expressly authorized in writing by SEA srl shall void the Warranty and exempts SEA srl from all liabilities for damages to people, animals or things. The Warranty becomes void when the defect is attributable to incorrect installation, improper use, lack of maintenance and to all transformations, changes or alterations not previously authorized by SEA srl in writing. The Warranty shall not cover consumables subject to natural wear and tear such as, for example, belts, filters, coolant, etc.
  5. RETURNS: All material shall be returned carriage forward. The goods travel at the Buyer’s risk and peril. Any deterioration, loss or damage occurred during transportation shall be notified to the courier. All claims for goods received that are non-conforming with the order must be notified in writing within 5 days of receipt of the goods.
  6. RETURNS OF GOODS: The returns of goods arising from cancellation of the purchase order or incorrect drafting of the order shall be subject to prior written authorization from SEA srl. In any event, the material shall be returned carriage paid and fully intact in all its parts. In addition, a lump reduction of 15% of the credit will be applied to cover handling, control and back to stock costs. In any event, no returns of goods are accepted without prior written authorization from SEA srl.
  7. PAYMENT: Until their full payment, the goods will remain the property of SEA srl. All delayed payment will automatically cause the suspension of deliveries and of any other ongoing service or provision. Without prejudice to the legal actions that SEA srl may intend to take, an interest equal to the discount rate published from time to time by the Bank of Italy will be applied, in addition to a monthly penalty of 2% on the amount due, calculated from the due date of payment to the date of actual payment.
  8. For any dispute resulting from this contract, the place of jurisdiction is Ravenna, Italy.