Specialty vehicles

If you look for durability and high HVAC performances for a limited number of vehicles, SEA products are the ideal solution.

The expertise of SEA’s engineers and designers in devising customized air conditioning and HVAC systems offers our customers the adequate answers to the most diverse demands and installation circumstances.

Compact vehicles

SEA srl is leader in the design and manufacture of HVAC systems for compact vehicles with limited space, according to the project specifications required by the customer. Sweepers, small machines with limited engine size, vehicles with reduced space, etc.

Electric vehicles

As a leader in this sector, SEA manufactures electric heaters and electric air conditioners with various voltage, such as 12, 24, 48, 80, 96, 115 volts, etc.

SEA products deliver a good performance and are designed to suit multiple applications. Whether it is electric small vehicles, airport vehicles, forklifts, sweepers or any other vehicle with electric traction, SEA has the right product.


Armoured vehicles employed by the armed forces work in the most diverse environments, at the most diverse temperatures and in the most extreme conditions.

The experience of SEA in heating and air conditioning, combined with the use of the latest technological innovations, are the ideal solution to improve safety and productivity in such challenging environments.