Agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicles need refrigeration and heating, pressurization and filtration as they are subject to environmental conditions that change depending on their application. For this reason, the agricultural market is one of the big challenges for HVAC systems.

This is why to achieve the best results you need an experienced partner.

SEA srl designs and manufactures a wide range of complete and customized HVAC systems for agricultural vehicles such as tractors, harvesters, combines, sprayers, etc. 

Construction vehicles

Many construction vehicles require a custom-made  HVAC system, tailored on their specific features, so as to guarantee the most suitable working environment even in extreme climate conditions, from the Arctic to the desert.

SEA srl systems set performance and durability standards in the market of industrial vehicles equipment. By designing and testing its HVAC systems, SEA srl responds to the individual needs of each single customer.

Forestry equipment

SEA srl offers a wide range of HVAC units designed to work in extreme conditions across the globe and to provide comfort on all terrains.

We validate all our systems in our climate chamber to ensure cab comfort in all conditions.


With sudden temperature and humidity shifts, mines are a tough work environment and often expose men and machineries to stringent conditions.

SEA srl higly specializes in the design and manufacture of HVAC systems for vehicles that operate in critical environments. The ability to meet the needs of this market is one of SEA's main strengths, as we specialize in the manufacture of excellent performance and durable systems.